How it all got started...

   Friday evening, May 13, 1921 at 8 o'clock about 200 citizens of Mapleton, with some visiting firemen from Mount Union and Huntingdon assembled in the band hall for the purpose of organizing a fire company for Mapleton. John A. Port, chief of the Huntingdon Fire Company was elected temporary chairman and in a few well chosen remarks outlined the work to be done to effect an organization and the services that such a company would be able to render. Brief addresses were made by a number of the visitors and also by the home people who are especially interested in organizing a company.

   There has been much discussion with respect to organizing a company at this place for some time and the boosters of the project at last succeeded in calling a meeting and bringing together a number of the visitors from the two big Huntingdon County towns, Huntingdon and Mount Union, and our people feel very grateful to the visitors for the assistance they rendered in the organization that was effected the same evening. It shows a friendly feeling which the good people of Mapleton appreciate. They have been more than kind in times of fire and have saved the people of Mapleton many dollars worth of property by their promptness with which they responded to calls for help at times when fires were burning our property. The new company is fortunate indeed in having these two companies so near to help Mapleton's newly organized fire company. President John K. Gillam, of the Borough Council, was present at the meeting and assured the company the loyal support of Council.

   After the preliminaries a call was made for volunteers, when the following signified their assent to become charter members and signed the roll. Charles O'Connor, Bower A. Myers, Earl Wagner, Lee Wittig, H. L. McHugh, C. W. Queny, George Young, Walter Rohm, Harry Hooper, B. E. Dell, Chas. M. Shore, Chas. Andrews, H. R. Barclay, R. N. Truax, Jesse Wible, ]. F. Mattern, F. B. Yocum, Shatter Skipper, D. H. B. Norris, M. L. Skipper, John Himes, Arthur Heaster, Chester Harpster, John R. Henderson, Roy Hooper, R. N. Corbin, R. F. 0'Conner, Lee O'Connor, James D. McHugh, E. Blair Shore, H. G. Bailey, William Roher, James Kyper, Dr. E. P. Simpson, Jesse E. Corbin, and Samuel Bennett.

   The following officers were nominated and elected. President, Jesse Wible; Vice President, H. R. Barclay; Secretary, Charles M. Shore; Financial Secretary, H. L. McHugh; Treasurer, J. F. Mattern; Chief, C. C. O'Connor; Asst. Chief, Earl Wagner; Foreman, B. A. Myers; 1st Asst. Foreman, David Norris; 2nd Asst. Foreman, Walter Rohm; Trustees, C. W. Querry (3 yrs.); B. F. Yocum (2 yrs.); R. N. Corbin (1 yr.).

     Various committees were appointed and the last Monday night of each month was set as the regular meeting night.