When citizens in Mapleton, Pennsylvania call 911, chances are a green and white Mack CF Pumper-Rescue will pull up in front of their home or business. The (MFD) Mapleton Fire Department’s refabbed 1980 Mack CF Pumper, a Former FDNY (New York City) Engine 7, is equipped to handle most types of emergency and rescue incidents.mack

Like most small communities, a lack of personnel is a major concern. Equipment has to be functional and cost effective. In 1997, MFD purchased this Mack and enhanced it to increase its pumper capacity and to replace a limited capacity squad truck.
However, with true fire calls down, the unit also needed to be able to handle the majority of the departments call volume; medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents.

The engine arrived in Mapleton via a lowboy trailer truck and was steam-cleaned by a local businessman. The truck had new tires installed and a mechanical check over at a discount cost by a local mechanic. The pump was serviced by Mike Pauly of Lewistown. PA (local level instructor) and had new class 1 and MC pump gauges installed.
A driver’s side “high side” compartments and a “dresser drawer” type of roll out compartment under the main hose bed were added at an Amish welding shop in a neighboring county. A white-colored New York style hose bed cover was fabricated not only to allow for additional storage space for equipment, but also as a tribute to the truck’s previous service in the “Big Apple.”
A local industry, U.S. Silica Corp. (producers of glass sand and high quality silica) installed a deck gun on the unit and made various brackets for holding equipment. They also made an aluminum, diamond plate extended bumper for storage and deployment of the “Jaws of Life.” This placement allows the organization to respond to accidents ‘nose first’ with the Jaws of Life ready to be instantly used.
New appliances (couplings, nozzles, ladders) were purchased and most of the specialized equipment off the former squad truck was moved to the Mack.

Some other “special” things about our engine rescue are:

-- 1000 ‘ 5” hose (purchased used from a neighboring department)
-- 54 ton Hurst Air Bag System
-- PA State Certified Quick Response (QRS) Unit for EMS calls including an Automatic External Defibrillator, “Med.” radios and two Jump Kits, two backboards and O2 units.
-- 15 gallons each, Class “A” and “B” Foam
-- SCBA’s with P.A.S.S. alarms and portable radios for ALL riding positions
-- Personal Flotation Devices (PFD), throw bags and wet suits for water rescue calls
-- 800 feet of rescue rope, harnesses, carabiners, etc. for technical rescues
-- Confined space supplied breathing system, tripod, etc. for C-Space incidents
-- Pre-plan map, area map and resource “library”
-- Various booms, matting pads, etc. for spill responses
-- Multi-gas air monitoring meter with appliances for home responses and CSR use
-- 10,000 watt generator with 1500 watt 4 quartz lights (2 are removable), 110 and 220 cord reels

[1997] First obtained the unit and got it on the road (had about $30,000 in it at this point.) We had some great cooperation from local businesses, etc. to get us to this point.

[1998] Jaws of Life and Air Bag Systems $10,000 (Demo Units bought).

[1999] Tripod, Air Monitoring equipment and Supplied Air Breathing System
courtesy of U.S. Silica Corporation.

A few thousand dollars more have been expended for new shocks, springs, steering box, improved lighting and “odds and ends” equipment upgrades. $105,000 insurance coverage is carried on the unit.

More about the pumper...
Automatic transmission
500 gallons of water
1,000 GPM Pump (suction ports increased to 6 inches)
Dark metallic green color with white cab roof and hose bed cover
The Mack responds to about 95-100% of the 125 to 150 calls
that may occur in a year’s time.